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If you are like me, you love that things are looking up downtown. A few years ago I thought this city was lacking its own, much needed, culture. But evoloution is taking place and I am delighted to discover what amazing potential we knew we had! Visitors have told me we have a fun, unique food culture..little houses that have been re-done into a great little restaurants. WE LOVE YOU little restaurants!

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Friday, May 4, 2012


Need I say more. Having become a see-and-be-seen spot in central Phoenix, where folks are seldom seen without their Apple device, this is THE best cup of coffee in town hands down...well at least its my favorite. They roast their own beans and eat your heart out Starbucks, those perfectly roasted beans make a tasty cup of coffee. I only say this because I love a good Starbucks soy latte but I'd rather support the local guy, and unfortunately in this area Starbucks is hard to beat. Many a local guy will cut corners on the soy and the beans and those are important details...ahem..Copperstar (whom I want so much to love but the soy they use is very blah and ruins the whole latte for me). The espresso macchiato is small, and nothing like Starbucks macchiato, strong, and full of bold flavor for a tiny drink. But beware it really is small, little bigger than a shot of espresso with steamed milk. My bev of choice though is always a latte and they make the best. Located right next to Pane, they make quite the dynamic duo! Love Lux! Don't forget to get your punch card. You have to ask for it. Normally great service, unfortunately this morning was the exception, sad to say the cashier was super rude and snobbier than she should have been, and it took about 25 min to heat a slice of quiche. All we want is a good cup of coffee and a good experience.

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