Phoenix Food Culture

If you are like me, you love that things are looking up downtown. A few years ago I thought this city was lacking its own, much needed, culture. But evoloution is taking place and I am delighted to discover what amazing potential we knew we had! Visitors have told me we have a fun, unique food culture..little houses that have been re-done into a great little restaurants. WE LOVE YOU little restaurants!

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Central Phoenix Coffee Shops!

Copperstar Coffee
The owner is always so friendly when he is in there running his place! The coffee is great, great atmosphere to sit and use the WI-FI.

My favorite of the central city urban Coffee Shops. At times the girls at the counter can be a little less than neigborhood friendly. But I love that its usually packed with people reading, sufing the net, stopping by during their morning walk the dog or bike ride, or chatting it up with friends. Its a nice relaxing atmosphere and the Ciabatta Toast with Rapberry jam is pretty darn tasty.
(Pictures to come) 

4700 N Central Avenue

1001 N 3rd Ave

Haven't tried this place but it looks interesting. Any one else? Is this next to Urban Cookie? Same People? I will have to do my research and update. (pretty much this is a note to self)

The Mercury Building
3508 N. 7th Street
Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Royal Coffee Bar
At the  Downtown Phoenix Public Market
4404 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 266-6469

Downtown Phoenix

Cartel Coffee Lab on Urbanspoon